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Are you looking for financial advice from a Melbourne or Geelong based certified financial planner?

Our team is here to help you reach your future financial goals with a clear, achievable and sustainable plan. With over 15 years of experience working in financial planning and advising, your individual goals are our only focus.

A journey we take together

We get to know you in depth to understand your goals, aspirations, history, values and appetite for risk. This holistic view of your life helps us to recommend and discuss your options before we design a strategy that’s right for you.

We recommend products and solutions as well as implement them. No need to worry when life throws you a curve ball as we’re here to walk you through the options to help you make an informed decision. We never leave you stranded.

We’re here to help you through the ups and downs of life and manage your financial risks, challenges and expectations. By getting to know you and understanding your values and aspirations, we help you make wise decisions that don’t impact your milestones and goals in life.

We offer advice that works for you. We don’t take kickbacks or commissions from the investment and super products we recommend. Your interests are our interests and we aren’t here to sell you financial products. We’re not afraid to give you frank and fair advice when decisions you make might have adverse effects on your long term interests and goals.

We help you set good financial habits. We want you to be in a position to live the lifestyle that you want. Sometimes that means questioning some of your decisions that may detract from your original vision. We understand circumstances and goals can change but we are here as your voice of reason to ensure you don’t do anything that has long-term negative impacts.

Your personal advisor whenever you need one

Our approach


Our services are not one-size-fits-all and we can do as much or as little as you need depending on your current situation.

We can also start on more pressing issues before we look at your long term goals.

Transparent process

Our fixed annual fee to develop and implement your plan includes reviews each year to track your progress.

 Our advice is centred on your best interests using the strategies, partners and products that best fit your needs.

Clear communication

Our advisors get to know you on a personal level and will talk finances at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

We’ll decode any jargon or financial concepts you come across and are unsure about and we’re always a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

Sustainable approach

We build your wealth in a sustainable, thorough and thoughtful way to protect your interests for the long term.

We look for growth opportunities rather than get-rich schemes so you’re ready for whatever life throws your way.

Who we are

Simon started Wealthyer to help people achieve financial freedom. He wanted to partner with people for the long term, guiding them towards the future they dreamed of, while fully explaining the options and pathways to get there.

Wealthyer services clients from Bayside Melbourne right along the Surf Coast and beyond with offices in Melbourne and Geelong. Thanks to the power of technology, remote consultations via videoconference mean Wealthyer clients can be located anywhere in the world.

Simon comes from Barwon Heads, a small town on the Surf Coast of Victoria. There, people are free to be themselves, but at the same time, they care about each other and their tight-knit community. This ethos informs Simon’s values and approach to helping clients reach important goals no matter what happens throughout their lives.

Simon Cammiss

Simon is the founder of Wealthyer with over 15 years of experience working in the industry with a Masters Degree in applied Finance. He is a Certified Financial Planner.

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